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Roof Painting

Roof Painters in Auckland

If you are looking for roof painters in Auckland for your project, you’ve come to the right place. At Aotearoa Property Group, we have experienced and skilled plasterers on our team who know how to paint a roof safely and properly, ensuring the best and most long-lasting result possible.

Our experience includes painting residential and commercial roofs. Our aim is to make sure your roof looks fantastic as well as ensuring it is fully protected from the elements.

We also offer expert advice if you need it, including advice on selecting the right type and/or brand of paint for your needs. We only use the best quality paints as we don’t cut corners, so you can have confidence when you come to us.

In addition, our roof painting services are comprehensive. This includes full preparation of the roof before we paint it. It also includes identifying problem areas and either completing minor repairs or notifying you if a more substantial repair by a specialist is required before the painting work can be completed.

We can also clean your roof before painting it with our water blasting services, ensuring all the grime, mould, and dirt is completely removed.

Let’s discuss your roof painting project today – please call us on 027 4451631 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Us When You Need Roof Painting in North Shore or Auckland?

  • Excellent standard of workmanship
  • We only use high-quality paints including specialist paints when required, and paints designed to do a specific job
  • You’ll get expert advice from our experienced roof painting team
  • We work safely on all projects, including roof painting projects where safe working at height is a priority
  • You’ll get excellent customer service from our professional and friendly team
  • Our prices for roof painting in North Shore and Auckland are competitive

Are You Doing Roof Restoration or Roof Maintenance in Auckland?

If you are doing roof restoration or roof maintenance on you Auckland or North Shore property, painting is probably an essential part of the project. You need a roof painter you can trust to ensure the investment you are making in your roof does not go to waste. That’s why you need us at Aotearoa Property Group.

We offer the roof painting services that you need, and we only use the best quality paints. Plus, we are committed to delivering high standards of workmanship on every project we do.

This means your roof will look its best as the finish will be visually perfect. In addition, the paint will be properly applied to ensure it lasts as long as the manufacturer suggests, and to ensure the paint provides maximum protection to your roof structure and the rest of your home.

Get a free, no-obligation quote today by calling 027 4451631.

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