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Guide To Heated Flooring: What Type Of Wood And What Installation Method Works Best

Guide To Heated Flooring: What Type Of Wood And What Installation Method Works Best

Guide To Heated Flooring: What Type Of Wood And What Installation Method Works Best

It may be summer, but winter is around the corner. As those temperatures drop, you’ll want to inject warmth into your living space. But as you explore electrical appliances and heat pumps for your North Shore home, also consider underfloor flooring.

Heated flooring – in any of your rooms – is the best way to warm up your home without using too much electricity. Many people are unsure if they can use heated flooring if they want a wooden floor, but it is possible. Because wood is a great insulator, the floors will retain the heat for longer once the heating system is turned off. The most important thing to do is research what type of wood will allow for the most radiant heating and what type of installation method works best.

Engineered Hardwood Vs Solid Hardwood  

If you want to install wooden floors that will best suit an underfloor heating system, you must first know the difference between solid and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is a dense material and solid throughout. Engineered hardwood is made of fibreboard or plywood and gets covered by a veneer layer.

Engineered hardwood is designed to expand and contract when exposed to moisture. This expansion and contraction can cause problems with heated flooring as it can cause permanent swelling due to the heat growing the wood. If you want to use engineered hardwood, you have to choose an over 18 mm thick product. The beauty of engineered hardwood is that it can be easily lifted to repair or install heated flooring.

Choosing The Best Type Of Hardwood For Your Heated Flooring 

According to experts, the best type of hardwood to choose has high dimensional stability, such as Cypress, Teak, Black Cherry and Santos Mahogany. The dimensional stability of wood tells us how well the wood handles exposure to heat. Most of the common types used for wood flooring has a low density, such as Maple, White Oak and Hickory. These types of wood are sometimes more costly than those with high density, so you should not assume that the best-priced hardwood is more robust and will work better for heated flooring.

The Correct Installation Method

After choosing the correct type of hardwood, the next step will be to install the right heating system and lay the wood. This will have to be done by experts as incorrect installation could result in warped wooden floors. A professional will know how to spread the heat evenly over the floor and correctly set the control settings, so no sudden temperature changes cause the wood to shift.

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