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The Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

The Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

The Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Home security is extremely important! Although New Zealand is considered one of the safest countries in the world, you never know what could happen and when. Security cameras help maximise your security as just the sight of them is known to deter potential criminals. On top of that, they allow you to get a good idea of the comings and goings and if there has been any suspicious activity. If you do have a break-in, security cameras can help identify the burglar, and it is more likely that you will get your possessions back.

As local electricians on the North Shore, we have installed dozens of security cameras, and in our professional opinion, we believe that the best places to install them include:


The driveway often starts off the perimeter of your property, so this may be the first point at which you may want to deter intruders by showing them that you have a security system and that you are watching for activity.


Putting a security camera at the front door is also a great idea. It offers visibility, and this is a high traffic area in which you may have delivery persons ringing the doorbell amongst friends, families, and other people. You want to keep an eye on who is accessing your front door.


The garage can be a very tempting treasure trove for criminals. It is often located somewhat away from the home, so it needs its own protection in the form of security cameras and even an alarm.


Burglars are more likely to enter the home via the backdoor than the front door. So it is very important that you have a security camera that covers this area.

First Floor Windows

First-floor windows can also be access points.

High Traffic Indoor Areas

If an intruder somehow manages to slip past all your outdoor cameras, you want to ensure that you have the chance to identify them using an indoor camera. The best place to install one would be a hallway or another high traffic area.

Are you looking for a local electrician on the North Shore that you can trust? Get in touch with Your Local Sparky today, and we can begin discussing your electrical needs. We have several years of experience installing security cameras and alarm systems and are passionate about making homes and businesses safer!

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